Vyiber Digital Academy

We help you to learn from digital experts and practitioners working within the industry.


Our Courses

Discover our exceptional range of meticulously crafted, flexible programs tailored to meet the specific objectives of each learner. Your journey starts here.

Content Creator

  • Content Creation Mastery
  • Social Media Poster Designing
  • Dynamic Video Presentation Skills
  • 100% Practical Classes
  • Live Projects:
  • Agency-Based Training
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Digital Marketing Course

  • 4 Months Offline Course
  • Portfolio-Based Learning
  • Omni-Channel Marketing Mastery
  • Resume & Interview Training
  • Agency Collaboration
  • Work and Learn Environment
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Marketing Automation

  • Workflow Design and Implementation
  • Live Case studies
  • Hands-on Experience
  • IVR & Lead Ad Integration
  • Omni-Channel Automation
  • DLT & ILDO Route Registration Training
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Discover the Vyiber Digital Academy Difference

Vyiber Digital Academy stands out as a unique and innovative digital marketing learning experience in Thrissur, offering the following distinct features:

  • Modern Learning Space with a Modern Look: Our academy provides a dynamic and international office environment that fosters creativity and inspiration. Students can immerse themselves in a professional setting conducive to learning and growth.
  • Expert Trainers with Global Experience: All our trainers are highly qualified postgraduates from reputed institutions and possess an impressive 13 years of experience in the digital marketing industry. They are not only educators but also successful entrepreneurs who run multiple businesses across the globe. Their expertise and real-world experience enrich the learning journey of our students.
  • Industry Partnerships and Access to Market Insights: Vyiber Digital Academy Thrissur has established partnerships with leading agencies across the country, providing us with valuable market insights and access to the latest marketing details. This allows us to offer comprehensive support to our students and ensure they receive industry-relevant knowledge and information.
  • Our R&D team develops cutting-edge in-house marketing tools such as omni-channel API, broadcasting tools, email marketing solutions, IVR systems, and more. Students can gain hands-on experience with these advanced technologies while working with our associated organizations.

Job Opportunities For A Digital Marketer

Digital marketing offers a variety of job roles, from Social Media Manager ,SEO Specialist ,PPC Specialist ,Content Marketer ,Email Marketer ,Digital AnalyticsSpecialist, Digital Advertising Manager ,E-commerce Manager ,Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Specialist, Digital Marketing Strategist. Each role has its own unique challenges and rewards. If you're looking to excel in your career, digital marketing could be perfect for you.

Responsibilities of a Digital Marketer

  • Develop and execute marketing strategies.
  • Leverage digital channels to maximize reach.
  • Analyze data to optimize campaigns.
  • Create content to engage audiences.
  • Become an expert in the digital marketing field.

Expand Your Network, Learn from Industry Experts, and Elevate Your Digital Marketing Journey

Advantages of Networking Opportunities at Vyiber Digital Academy:

  • Access to Industry Experts: Connect with seasoned professionals and thought leaders in the digital marketing industry. Learn from their experiences, gain valuable insights, and stay updated with the latest trends and best practices.
  • Project Presentation Meetings: Showcase your skills and ideas through project presentation meetings. Receive feedback and guidance from industry experts, enhancing your project execution and presentation abilities.
  • Mentorship and Guidance: Benefit from mentorship opportunities offered by industry experts. Receive personalized guidance, career advice, and industry-specific tips to help you navigate your digital marketing journey effectively.
  • Networking Events: Attend networking events organized by Vyiber Digital Academy to expand your professional connections. Interact with industry professionals, potential employers, and like-minded individuals, opening doors to future opportunities.